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Get Fit with Sucka Free Athletics -
Sucka Free Athletics

Get Fit with Sucka Free Athletics

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Since 2011, SFA, has assisted people of all ages in thriving socially and physically. The organization has
four primary service programs: Health in Hip Hop Physical Training, Sucka Free Keys to Success, Sucka
Free Shoe Drives, and the Don’t Be A Sucka Initiative. In upcoming months, programs will expand to
include nutrition counseling, Sucka Free 5K walk/run, school supplies drives, feed the homeless,
clothing drives, and blanket drives for the homeless.

Sucka Free Athletics Non-Profit is successful in its mission to assist others so that they can help
themselves via health in hip hop initiatives because of the hard work and dedication of their staff. These
individuals live and breathe healthy lifestyles and are dedicated to assisting their community with doing
the same. Our team consists of staff and a board of directors based in Atlanta, led by Founder Daniel
“SunNY” Smith and Board Member Javan “Jes King” Smith. Each member
acts as an advocate for health in hip hop. Their expertise and diligence is valued as we work to improve
the lifestyles of the local community.
Mere mileage is the thing; and anyone who has been far enough, and collected the right number of pictures (still or moving, but for preference in colour), will be able to lecture to packed houses for several days running.”

Daniel “SunNY” Smith, Founder


DANIEL “SunNY” SMITH’S BIO Rochester, NY bred Daniel “SunNY” Smith started his career battle rapping on 107.9 in New York during CoCo Brother’s show. He went on to BET’s 106th & Park and battled rappers on TV during a segment called Freestyle Friday, winning every time. He was later inducted in to the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame. In 2005, his success on 106th & Park’s Freestyle Friday earned him a major recording deal with Atlanta’s own Jermaine Dupri of So So Def/Virgin Records. SunNY then received a quotable in The Source magazine for his single “Soul of A Hustler. He later released an album, titled Overnight Celebrity, under the So So Def imprint. Next, SunNY released The Break of Dawn mixtape in 2011. During this time, he decided to focus on health in hip hop by launching Sucka Free Athletics, affecting the culture change by encouraging healthy lifestyles while using hip hop as a platform for that change. To this day SunNY continues to release new music (I Seen it All remake to Young Jeezy and Jay-Z’s I Seen it All, Black Friday Freestyles, Cognac and One Leafs, etc.) while serving the community through various Sucka Free Athletics Non-Profit initiatives.

Get Fit

Work Out Tips
Sucka Free Athletics Workouts:
Core/Cardio Run out your door in your neighborhood for 7mins,
turn. Around go back home.
Total of 14 mins!
Should be able to do 1 mile in that time.

In house:
25 jumping jacks
10-25 push ups
25 running lunges
12 Arm curls each arms (if you have dumb bells or bands)
or 10-25 Push ups 12-24 dips using chair 25 Push up position and open legs and close holding plank (push up position)
10-25 Diamond push ups 2 mins High knee Run 25 Lock hands behind head,
elbows stay shoulder height, twist torso and bring left knee to right elbow DO NOT BEND OVER TO TAP.
Just the direction.
Than right knee left elbow 10-25 Push ups
End with Abs:
25 in & outs (keep knees, legs together and kick both feet out, place hands behind back finger pointed to back.
Or hands straight up in the air for better core engagement 25 Bicycles start with left leg fully extended, then another 25 start with right.
25 toe taps (both legs straight up reach for toes.
Keep legs straight 25 scissors start with left leg straight,
right leg 6 inches off ground and count 25 Mississippi 25 place right heel on left toe,
left hand behind your head, elbow out and crunch over, lifting back/shoulder off ground.
Switch everything another 25 10 bur-pees DONE.
Goal is 45min – hour.

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  1. Great job! And I’m going to take heed to your tips! Keep smashing um! Sucka Free!

    1. Thanks for the support. #suckafreegang ✊?

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